Australia Shaped Mini Pizzas

Posted on January 03, 2017 by Lisa Moulden | 0 Comments

Australia Cookie Cutter from Cookie Cutter Shop Australia

Are you planning an Australia Day gathering?  We have a really simple idea for some snacks you can prepare in advance and reheat or simply serve cold on the day.  Australia Day Pizzas!  You can top yours with whatever you fancy.  We made ham and cheese for our three year old (we would have made Hawaiian if we had pineapple on hand) and meat lovers as I thought these were Aussie flavours.  

We made our pizza dough, rolled it out quite thinly and then used our 9cm wide Australia map cookie cutter to cut out the shapes, transferred them to a tray lined with baking paper, popped our toppings on and then cooked.  We cooked them for about 6 minutes at 220 degrees celcius.

Australia Shaped Pizza Dough

Our 3 year old actually put her own toppings on and I think she did a great job.

Australia Shaped Pizzas

And here are the meatlovers ones with BBQ sauce, salami, ham and cheese.

Meatlovers Australia Day Pizzas

And the finished product below. 

Mini Pizzas Australia Shaped for Australia Day

 We would love to see pics of your pizza creations.  What flavours would you like to make?

Happy Australia Day!

- Lisa x



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