Decorating Cookies 101

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Lisa Moulden | 0 Comments

I am the first to admit that although I have been collecting and using cookie cutters for many years my decorating attempts have really been few and far between and dare I say lack lustre.  This year one of my goals is to learn to decorate my cookies like a pro!  Well at least make them look a lot prettier than they have in the past.  My daughter's first birthday is coming up in a couple of months so that is giving me some inspiration.  

I have found an awesome blog by on how to outline and flood cookies with icing which I am going to follow.  

Is anyone else keen to give this a try?  I would love to hear how you go. There is a great tip for using icing bags which should save many hours cleaning in this blog also. 

We sell icing nozzles and bags in our store as well as our awesome range of cookie cutters.  We have over 1,100 cookie cutters now and the range is still growing.  Our next shipment of new cookie cutters and decorating supplies is due in from Germany any day now so keep a look out on our site for the new shapes.  

Until my next update, happy baking!  Lisa 

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