How To Turn Your Cookies Into A Homemade Gift They’ll Love

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There’s nothing better than baking a fresh batch of cookies and watching the joy on people’s faces as they bite into them. Homemade cookies are a perfect way to say thank you, sorry, good luck, goodbye, or pretty much anything. If you want to create a truly original and meaningful gift for a friend or loved one, here are some ways that you can turn a batch of cookies into a gift that anyone would love.

The flavour

The most important thing about baking cookies, especially if you plan to give them as a gift, is to get the taste perfect. What makes a perfect cookie is something that could be talked about until the end of time, but in this case the important thing is to make cookies that you know the person will enjoy. If you don’t already know, then try to find out what their favourite type of cookie is, the more specific the better. For example if you find out they love white chocolate chip cookies then you can start experimenting with different types of chocolate to create the best recipe.


To really make your baked gift special you can personalise it to suit to the person you’re giving it to. Add personal messages onto the cookies with icing sugar to create a gift that they will know was made especially for them. Put letters on each cookie that spell out a word or message when placed in the right order or emboss the letters into the cookie, this would make a fun personalised gift for a friend or colleague. Using printed sugar paper with the person’s face on is a fun way of personalising the cookies. Try cutting them in a shape that the person will adore, such as horses for a horse lover.


How you package your cookies will depend on the person that you’re gifting them to, so it’s a good idea to think about what kind of style you think they’ll like. If you’re giving them to an older relative then perhaps a hand-crafted box with a simple piece of twine around it would be a good choice. If you’re giving them to a couple then you could bake a big batch and put them in a large mason jar with a ribbon around the top for a simple rustic look. There are many different presentations you could go for, but remember to keep it personal and think about who the gift is for, and you’re sure to make someone very happy.

Cookies in gift jar


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