Spider Cookies for Halloween

Posted on August 25, 2015 by Lisa Moulden | 0 Comments

Recently searching (or procrastinating) on Pinterest I stumbled across a picture of these Redback spider cookies made by LilaLoa.  I thought these were very appropriate for Halloween, but especially an Aussie halloween.  I also loved her take on Halloween in general included in her post on decorating these cookies which you can check out here: LilaLoa's Halloween Spider Cookies.  American Halloween traditions do seem to be becoming more popular here each year with families organising trick or treat events.  You could make a batch of these not-too-creepy spider cookies and pop them into little cellophane bags for the little trick or treaters in your neighbourhood.  I wonder if I should make some for my dad, who is terrified of spiders!


Do check out LilaLoa's website for so much cookie know-how you may never need to look anywhere else.  Recipes, decorating tips and tutorials and much, much more.

Happy baking!


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