Top Baking Trends For 2017

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The baking industry is always changing, with new styles and techniques being discovered all the time. Thanks to the internet and sites like Facebook, home bakers can now easily share their new culinary innovations with the world. It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends when so many new ideas are being shared every day. We’ve put together our guide to this year’s baking trends so you can stay ahead of the game and make sure your tasty treats are turning heads.

Stuffed croissants

In the last couple of years stuffed donuts have been very popular, with chefs all over the world filling their sugared treats with all sorts of different fillings. This year, bakers will be putting a French twist on the concept with stuffed croissants. A number of cafés in America have already started filling these buttery delights with all sorts of sweet and savoury goodness. Fruit mousse and buttercream are good examples of two sweet fillings you could try for your own creations, but don’t expect the traditional French treats to keep their iconic crescent shape after you’ve stuffed them full of hidden delights.


These mystical horn-wielding creatures have taken the baking scene by storm this year. The magical multi-coloured style has been used in almost every type of recipe and dish you can think of from unicorn cakes and milkshakes to unicorn sugar bark and even unicorn toast. The trend has been seen all over social media, with bakers posting videos of their mythical creations. Unicorn-themed treats have become so popular that even the coffee chain Starbucks jumped on the band wagon by releasing a limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino.

Dark treats

From rainbows to rain clouds, this new baking trend is all about keeping it dark. If you’re not a fan of the flowery unicorn theme then don’t worry, a lot of people are moving away from pinks and purples and are starting to use blacks and greys for moodier, monochromatic bakes. This winter, expect your Instagram stream to feature culinary creations that make bold statements with dark colours. Charcoal food colouring will help transform your cakes, cookies and ice cream into dark bakes and plates that are sure to get plenty of likes.


The world is become a lot more conscious of where its food comes from with provenance joining locality and seasonality as culinary buzzwords. This year, expect more people in the food and baking industries to start creating recipes that use ethically sourced ingredients. If you want to help local farmers while also reducing your carbon footprint and staying current with culinary trends, try using ingredients that are sourced locally and ethically in your bakes.

Unicorn cookie cutterDonutsUnicorn cookie made with cookie cutter from Cookie Cutter Shop

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