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Edible Art Paint Champagne Gold Metallic

$10.50 AUD

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Edible Paint Champagne Gold Metallic

Size: 15ML

Material: Edible Decorative Paint

Edible Paint by Sweet Sticks.  This paint will paint on fondant, chilled buttercream, macarons and heaps of other things to!  Dries in one hour or less.  It's rub free and the colour is true.  100% food grade edible and is gluten, dairy, soy and peanut free.  A little bottle goes a long way.

Tips for the best results:

 - Shake, Shake Shake before using and during use. 

 - If paint is transparent, keep shaking.

 - Try different paint brushes.  Some streak,some don't.

 - Take the time to play with the paints and below familiar with them.

 - Mix and match your own colours.

 - A sponge brush works really well.

 - Add rose spirit in pallet for a water colour finish.

 - Wash with boiling hot soapy water and some paper towel or baby wipes.

 - Have fun!

Use our Champagne Gold Lustre dust for that perfect finish