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Heart Cookie Cutter Mini 2.5cm

$2.95 AUD

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Mini Heart Cookie Cutter

Size: 2.5cm wide x 2.5cm tall

Cutting Depth: 2.4cm

Material: Tin Plate

Win over everyone’s hearts with our sweet, mini cookie cutter. Decorate with a dash of sugar and spice and everything nice, and then pop on top of cupcakes, ice cream scoops or hot chocolate and whipped cream for an iddy biddy dash of love.

Frozen watermelon hearts will add a sizzle to your drinks and you can dip strawberries and bananas hearts in melted chocolate. For a love sick salad, cut little heat shaped cucumber, apple and kiwi slices. And if you’ve still got more love to give, try our larger, 4cm heart cookie cutter!

hand wash only