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Heart Cookie Cutter Set 6 Pieces 4.5 - 9cm

$14.95 AUD

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Heart Set of 6 Cookie Cutters

Size: 4.5cm high x 4.6cm wide,

         5.5cm high x 5.5cm wide,

         6.5cm high x 6.2cm wide,

         7.2cm high x 7cm wide,

         8cm high x 7.8cm wide,

         9cm high x 8.6cm wide

Cutting depth of 2.8cm or 28mm

Material: Tin Plate

Send some love from the heart with a batch of beautiful cookies! Our heart set comes with six different sized cookie cutters that fit perfectly together into one neat little storage tin. You can pick and choose whichever heart you need, or combine them together to make a whole flurry of loved up treats. They’re perfect for little Valentine’s Day nibbles or sending somebody special to school or work with love hearts in their pockets.

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