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BWB Santa Face Chocolate Mould

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BWB Santa Face Chocolate Mould

Approx. Size: 182.5mm x 120.5mm x 16mm

These moulds are made of 2 hard plastic parts and one silicone insert for each cavity of the mould.


1. Fill bottom mould with chocolate up to the fill line, gently tap the mould on your countertop a few times to remove air bubbles that might still be in the chocolate.  

2. Gently place the silicone inserts on top of the melted chocolate in each cavity.

3. Turn the mould over and with your fingers, press lightly against the edges of the cavities. Place the mould in the fridge and allow the chocolate to harden and release itself from the mould (approximately 10 - 20 mins).

4. Remove the mould from the fridge and carefully remove the flexible insert from the chocolate. Now your chocolate is perfectly moulded.