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Ever dreamt of reincarnating Chewbacca in the form of a biscuit? How about creating a delightfully delectable version of Princess Leia? Well, now you can thanks to our exquisite range of Star Wars cookie cutters. Boasting a huge cast of characters, our cutters make for a stellar afternoon of baking (see what we did there?) full of fantasy-flavoured fun! Inject a dose of sci-fi chic into your next event with our creative stencils.

Celebrate the Star Wars aficionado in your life

Know a Star Wars fan? Why not give them a pleasant surprise by baking them a bunch of edible characters from this iconic series! Perhaps you’re planning a Star Wars-themed party for your little one’s next birthday, or maybe you just want to show your appreciation for a loved one – whatever your excuse, our cookie cutters are sure to get fans of the sci-fi films excited. Simply choose your biscuit recipe and get baking!

Of course, your cookies aren’t complete without all the necessary embellishments. We also sell a huge range of icing nozzles so you can refine the art of decorating, enabling you to finish off each character down to the finest details. Furthermore, with our selection of Americolor Soft Gel Paste Icing Colours, you can create just the right shade of green for Yoda’s face – just add a few drops to your cookies, icing, fondant or gum!

May the force be with you (and your cookie cutters!)

Here at the Cookie Cutter Shop, we like to get as inventive as possible when it comes to baking. Why not deviate from the norm and pay homage to a decade-spanning pop culture phenomenon with our Star Wars stencils? You can pick and choose from our extensive range to create your own unique collection for the kitchen drawer.

As we are always on the hunt for new and exciting cookie cutters, you can entrust our shop continually stocks brand new shapes and designs to suit all palates. Browse through our online range and fill your virtual shopping cart with your favourite cutters today!

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