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The Sweetest Little Cookie Cutter Shop in Australia

Express your creativity through baking and cooking, with an unparalleled selection of shaped cookie cutters in every sort of design you could imagine. No matter whether you’re looking for heart-shaped cutters on Valentines, that star cookie cutter for a budding astronomer, or the exact right gingerbread man design to complete your crafty kitchen project, Cookie Cutter Shop will have what you need. The right sort of cutter makes it easy to create cookies or other foods which look great and make a statement as well as satisfying the tastebuds.

Our low prices mean you can always pick up the biscuit cutters you need for your next project, and become the cookie genius your friends all stand in awe of. We ship with a flat rate of only $8.50, and shipping is free for orders over $99! Enjoy your choice of our cute, quirky and creative cookie cutters and join our fans whipping up wonderfully shaped delights in Australia and around the world.

Find a world of uses for cookie and biscuit cutters through our community

As many of our loyal customers have found through long perusal of our catalogue, cookie cutters can be a great font of creativity. They unlock a simply huge variety of cookie recipes and cookie dishes, hailing from all the cultures of the world and often available for free on the internet! But some crafty cookie fans have taken it upon themselves to find all sorts of other handy uses for our high-quality cookie cutters, both inside and outside the kitchen. Create custom shaped pizzas, sandwiches and cakes, for sure. Take things a step further and use them for stencils to guide your hand when scrapbooking or felting, use them to shape modelling clay, create designs for jewellery or candlemaking, and any other kind of craft! And if you don’t mind getting messy, you can even use them with playdoh to create exciting play shapes and entertain your little ones.

A cookie cutter shop run by and for cookie lovers

We love that we get to operate Cookie Cutter Shop and offer these excellent quality cookie stamps to fellow bakers and fans around the world. We always try to stay in touch with our community, sharing recipes and cookie creations from others online and offering new ideas on how to put our products to use. Check back to our cookie cutter shop regularly to make sure you keep up with all our content and new cookie cutter designs.