3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Sets 11-16cm

Bake your own 3D Dinosaur.

Turn your oven into a time travel machine and go way back to explore the prehistoric jungle. This incredible 3D cookie cutter set will bring the dinosaurs to life, right in your kitchen!  There are 4 different animals to collect, each with their own adventure. Just bake each little part separately and then have fun fitting them together to make a bunch of 3d buddies. Decorate your Triceratops with a big horn and frilly shield, then add the spikes to your Stegosaurus. Bring in a mighty T-Rex and everyone’ll be reaching for more of your towering Brachiosaurus treats. Explore the jungle with your favourite dinosaur or collect all 4 for a real wild treat. They’re a great way to help little ones learn their different dinosaurs too!

Cookie cutters in the shape of dinosaur body parts. Cut out cookie dough, bake in the oven, then slot the cookies together to make edible dinosaurs that will stand up your plate. Create the tastiest treats this side of the Jurassic period... then eat them into extinction. Each pack includes cutters for the body parts required to bake a whole dinosaur with 4 to collect.


  • Triceratops approximate size of completed cookie 20cm long x 11 cm tall
  • Stegosaurus approximate size of completed cookie 20cm long x 11 cm tall
  • Brachiosaurus approximate size of completed cookie 21cm long x 13 cm tall
  • T-Rex approximate size of completed cookie 16cm long x 16 cm tall

Cookie cutters are made from food safe polypropylene.

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