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3D Gingerbread Cobblestone Castle Baby

$37.95 AUD

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Small yet mighty, the Cobblestone Castle Baby is here to steal hearts with its super cute, tiny package and massive impact. A delightful gingerbread project that won't overwhelm you but will leave you with a castle fit for fairy tale dreams.

Sturdier than a regular cookie cutter, our Dual Action Gingerbread Cutters are not only fun to use but also safe for little hands. Flip the cutter over, and texture your pieces effortlessly – it's as easy as pressing a cookie! Create stunning designs with textured details right on your gingerbread, leaving your friends and family in awe. This kit is built to impress, ensuring your gingerbread creation steals the spotlight as it rightfully should this year.


Material: Biodegradable PLA


Designed & Made in Australia