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Australian States Cookie Cutters Large Set of 7

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The 7 states of Australia cookie cutter set includes:

WA: 19.5cm tall x 12.5cm wide

SA: 10.5cm tall x 9.5cm wide

NT: 13cm tall x 7.5cm wide

QLD: 16cm tall x 12cm wide

NSW: 10cm wide x 8cm tall

VIC: 7cm wide x 5cm tall

TAS: 3cm tall x 3cm wide

YES, a map that includes Tasmania!!!!

Use them all to create one huge Australia Cookie once you join the states together.

Each state is a separate cookie cutter.  Our picture shows all the cutters joined together to make Australia.

The large Australian Cookie Cutter is the perfect way to teach children the States and Territories of Australia.  They can decorate them with each state’s state colours, flower, coat of arms, animal or bird.  The children can make a simple sugar cookie recipe and use the cookie cutter to cut out their cookies and then decorate them with the whatever today’s lesson is.   What a fun way to learn about Australia and what is associated with each state. 

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