Australian Deadly and Dangerous Cookie Cutter Set 5 Pieces

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Australian Deadly and Dangerous Cookie Cutter Set 5 Pieces

  • Redback Spider - 11.5cm high
  • Snake - 12cm high
  • Crocodile - 12cm long
  • Shark - 11cm wide
  • Australia - 9.5cm wide

Material: Stainless steel

Cutting Depth: 2cm

Australia is well known for having many of the world’s most deadly animals.  In this deadly and dangerous cookie cutter set you can find 4 of them.  The notorious redback spider which can be found lurking under the cushions on your outdoor seats.  There are numerous deadly snakes you could make with this snake cutter; the red belly black, Eastern or Western brown; copperhead, tiger snake to name just a few. Don’t go loitering near any waterholes, as our man-eating saltwater crocodiles may pay you a surprise visit.  And any deadly set would not be complete without the notorious shark, of which there are many species to choose from.  You’d better be quick in eating these cookies, before they take a bite out of you!

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