Cookie Cutter & Embossed Letter and Number Set

Bridgette Emboss Rectangle Cookies with your Message Cookie Cutter Set

Set Includes
  •   Cookie Cutter, corrugated, approx. 7cm x 4.5cm, with ejector and letter holder
  •   55 Letters, 18 Numbers & 12 special characters (! , . ? + - $ & @ % =) to use as stamps, approx 3mm x 3mm in size
  •   Plus extra holder (approx 9.5cm long) for longer messages

Material: Stainless Steel, plastic

What’s the magic word? Every word is magic when it’s made out of cookie! So say it like it is with our awesome letter and number set. We’ve got it all packed into one place so you’ll never be lost for words! It’s complete with a crinkled rectangle cookie cutter to emboss your message into your cookies, cupcakes and cake decorations. Just push your chosen stamp down in your cookie dough, fondant or marzipan and you’ll get a perfect imprint! It’s as easy as ABC!

Create unique cookies with your own message for valentine's day, a birthday, congratulations, baby shower or even a business opening.

Made in Germany

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