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Cat Cookie Cutter with Embossed Face Detail 6.5cm

$8.95 AUD

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Cat Cookie Cutter with Embossed Face Detail

Size: 4cm tall x 6.5cm wide with a cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Everyone will look like the cat that got the cream when they get their paws on your adorable kitty cookies. Our cat cookie cutter is gliding elegantly along, and cat lovers will be running closely behind her for more. Surprise them by making some scrumptious kitties that match their little pet. Coat your cookies with orange zest icing for a ginger fur coat, or try dark, milk and white chocolate swirled tabbies or white, buttercream fluff balls. You can even make some whimsical, make-believe cats in pretty pastel colours with rainbow sprinkles, polka dots or iced whirls and swirls.