Cookie Stamper

Let this sweet n’ simple cookie cutter do the work and spell it out for ‘ya. With this easy cookie stamper kit everyone will be eating your words in no time. It comes with different messages to choose from, so you can slip the silicon stamps in and out to find the right words for each occasion. There’s even a delicious recipe card included to make sure they’re even sweeter than they sound.


With an adorable little I LOVE YOU stamp, your cookies will be just irresistible! Proud bakers will love the HOME MADE stamp as well. Let everyone know you’re the chef and add that special personal touch to bake sales or for refilling the biscuit barrel. And then there’s this demanding EAT ME stamp. Well you don't have to tell us twice! The only thing better than a freshly made cookie is one that gives us no excuses by telling us exactly what to do!  None of those stamps tickle your fancy?  Then make your very own personalised cookies with our CUSTOMISABLE stamp.


Each stamp is wooden with silicon removable cookie stamp for easy cleaning and base of stamp is 7.5 cm wide.  Comes with cookie recipe card.

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