Crab Cookie Cutter

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Crab Cookie Cutter

Size: 9cm wide x 6cm high

Material: Tin Plate

Cutting Depth: 2.5 cm 

Ann Clark Cookie Cutter.  Made in the US

Baking shouldn’t make you crabby! Get to smooth waters and breeze through the kitchen with our crab cookie cutter. It’s perfect for nipping and pinching cookie dough into true delicacies. Just flood in sparkling red or orange icing, then finish with a pinch of sanding sugar. They’ll bring everyone out of their shell and have them scurrying for more. For an under the sea bash, turtlestarfish and tropical fish cookie cutters, and lots of pretty coloured seashells, too. You can even channel the Little Mermaid for a true, Disney bash with our pretty mermaid cookie cutter!

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