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Cupcake Cookie Cutter with Candle 7cm

$5.95 AUD

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Cupcake Cookie Cutter with Candle

Size: 10.3cm high x 7.6cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Create a one-of-a-kind birthday treat for that special person. This cookie cutter is shaped like a cupcake and topped with a cute, edible candle. So make a wish and then gobble it all down, flame included! Decorate your cupcake cookies with swirls of icing or gooey little marshmallows for a tasty glaze. You can even create fondant icing shapes to decorate the side of a cake for a flaming flurry of candied candles. Use the cookie cutter for felt cut outs to create matching birthday gift tags or craft a thoughtful, home-made birthday card. 

Cutter Depth: 2cm

Designed in Australia.

Made in China using Australian Stainless Steel.