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Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set 6 Pieces

$12.95 AUD

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Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set 6 Pieces

Included in set:

  • Pterodactyl 12cm wide
  • Brontosaurus 12cm wide
  • Spinosaurus 13cm wide
  • Stegosaurus 13cm wide
  • Triceratops 13cm wide
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex 13cm high

Material: Stainless Steel

Roar into prehistoric times with this Dinosaur Cookie Cutter 6 piece set. You have all the favourites in this set to create your own world of dinosaurs. Cut out a set for each child and encourage them to make them the scariest (or friendliest) dinosaurs they can. Make it a competition where the winner gets to gobble down their favourite dinosaur. 

Designed in Australia. Made in China using high grade quality Australian Stainless Steel

Cookie Recipe included

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