Easter Bunny Cookie Cutter with Internal Detail

Have you ever been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny, as he delivers his chocolate eggs while everyone’s asleep? We have and we’ve got a special cookie that looks exactly like him, just in case you’re not fast enough to catch the real deal! He’s even carefully embossed down to the finest detail. Just decorate him in vanilla icing, whipped cream or melted white chocolate and finish with lots of sanding sugar and sprinkles. You can even add a cute little bowtie in bright icing or fondant bows. Finish with yummy carrot-shaped cookies and pretty eggs for a fabulous Easter spread.

Easter Bunny Cookie Cutter with Internal Detail

Size: 8.9cm tall x 6.9cm wide with a cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

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