Easter Egg Cookie Cutter Stamper with Ejector 6.5cm

Easter Egg Stamp Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter is a good egg. Perfect for Easter, it'll hatch some beautiful egg cookies and biscuit every time. And they'll be even more fun than the traditional dyed egg decorations because you get to eat them all up! Make marble cookie dough with lots of different colours and they don't even need to be iced. But if you're a whizz with the icing pipe, crack open your creativity and decorate in lots of whimsical patterns and bright colours.  Tuck in Easter baskets, hide around the garden for an egg hunt or hand out as delicious treats to friends and loved ones.

Size: 6.5cm tall x 4.8cm wide

Material: Plastic

 Cut out the cookie and then press down on the button to stamp the image onto the cookie.

Made in Germany


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