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Fondant Debosser 'I Love You'

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Fondant Debosser 'I Love You'

Image size: 4.4cm x 4.4cm
Disk Size:  9cm wide x 9cm high

Disc Depth: 3mm

These fondant debossers can be used over and over. Dust the surface of the acrylic and fondant lightly with sifted icing sugar or corn flour and place the embosser on top. Press firmly into fondant using your hand, rolling pin or fondant smoother. Lift the disc off and use your desired size cutter. Alternatively place the fondant on top of the embosser and press. Gently wash in warm soapy water and dry before use. Food contact approved material.

Cut out section can be used like a stencil as well

Designed and made in Australia by Sandra Dillon Design.