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Fox Cookie Cutter with Embossed Detail 7cm

$9.95 AUD

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Fox Cookie Cutter with Embossed Detail

Size: 7cm tall x 6.2cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Be cunning like a fox and rustle up a batch of treats nobody will be able to keep their paws off. We won’t go into too much detail, because this adorable fox cookie cutter already has all the detailing you need to make truly creative treats. So simply decorate your fox cookies, biscuits or cake slices with yummy orange and brown icing, or coat in melted chocolate and caramel for some extra chew. Then add a handful of sprinkles for a furry finish. Your foxy treats are perfect for nature lovers, autumn nibbles or garden parties.

Cutting depth: 2.5cm

Quality Birkmann Cookie Cutter

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