Gingerbread House Bake Set 7 Piece

d.line Gingerbread House Bake Set 7 Piece

Material: Tin Plate

Size: When made the House is 19cm in height, 14cm in width and 22cm in length.

Included in pack are cookie cutters for:

bay window

    Instructions and recipe are also included

    At the end of Candy Lane, there’s a sweet little house where marshmallows billow out of the chimney and candy drops blossom along the garden path. Take a trip there and find out for yourself what sweet treats lay in store! This incredible gingerbread house bake set comes with 7 little pieces to bake and build in no time at all. Just piece them together and then get to work on creating your own Candy Lane dream house. Line the roof with tangy strawberry belts or sprinkle with a rainbow of M&M’s, then finish with some cute little, sugar wafer window shutters.

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