Giraffe Yellow 13cm Cookie Cutter

Giraffe Yellow Cookie Cutter

Size: 12.8cm tall x 9.5cm wide

Material: Powder coated Tin Plate

Reach out into new baking territory with our towering yellow giraffe cookie cutter. In this neck of the woods, he’s the largest one around so he’s bound to reach everyone’s sweet spot. Let him munch through your cookie and biscuit recipe and you’ll be left with some irresistible treats. Just decorate with yummy yellow icing then add dollops of chocolate spread or pop chocolate bits on top for a polka-dot finish. Pretty pastel coloured giraffe cookies are excellent treats for baby showers, christenings and little birthdays, and sandwiches and toast can be topped with little cheese and ham pieces for fun lunchbox surprises.

 Cutter depth 2.5cm

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