Halloween Cookie Cutter Set of 8 Mini's 3cm - 6cm

Halloween Set of 8 Small Cookie Cutters

 Size of each cutter in the pack:

Skull with embossed details  4cm tall x 3cm wide

Bat 3cm tall x 4cm wide

Ghost 4cm tall x 5cm wide

Scary cat 4cm wide 3.5cm tall

Pumpkin 4cm tall x 4cm wide

Witches head 3cm tall x 4.5cm wide

Spider 5.5cm wide x 3.5cm tall

Witches broom 6cm tall x 2.5cm wide

Material: Tin Plate

Halloween’s the night when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play. So keep them all busy with a whole host of spooky treats. Our Halloween cookie cutter set is guaranteed to haunt your kitchen each and every October. There’s no trick to these treats, just choose your shape and get stuck in. Make some sparkling black bats, ghastly white ghosts or grinning pumpkins. If you’re hosting a house of horrors Halloween party, line your table with spooky shaped sandwiches, cookies and marshmallow shapes. You can even use our cookie cutters to carve shapes into your Jack o Lantern or add glittery patterns to Halloween costumes.

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