Ice Cream Sundae Cookie Cutter 10cm

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Ice Cream Sundae Cookie Cutter

Size: 10cm tall x 8cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

This cutter is made of thick stainless steel and does not have a rolled top meaning it can be faced either way when pressing into the dough.

Cutting depth: 1.8cm

Sundae's on Sunday! Nothing beats a delicious ice cream sundae..... except maybe an ice cream sundae cookie! The kids and adults alike will love these ice cream sundae cookies, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavoured ice cream icing with a yummy chocolate fudge flavoured "sauce" with some nuts or sprinkles (you know you have a favourite!), a cherry on top and an ice cream cone wafer to top it all off.  A platter of these will be scooped right up.

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