Leaping Reindeer Cookie Cutter 15cm

Reindeer Cookie Cutter

Size: 15.5cm wide x 13cm tall

Material: Stainless Steel

With this leaping reindeer cookie cutter, Christmas cheer will rain down on you in deliciously sweet bundles. He’s gearing to go, so jump to it and string together a jolly row of reindeer, perfect for this time of year. See if you can remember all of his friends’ names as you go – just make sure to add a shiny red, candy button nose to the leader of the pack. Decorate your prancing reindeer cookies in yummy royal icing or thick chocolate frosting, and finish with a flurry of sprinkles. Then deck the halls with your baked treats and watch as Santa leads them straight into happy, hungry mouths.

Cutting depth of 2.5cm

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