Leaping Reindeer Cookie Cutter 7.5cm

Leaping Reindeer Cookie Cutter

Size: 7.5cm wide x 6.2cm tall 

Material: Powder coated tin plate

Cutting depth of 2.5cm

This leaping reindeer cookie cutter will make Christmas baking a charm. From the moment you take him out of the cupboard, he’ll be ready to take off for his Christmas adventures. Watch him leap into powdery snow sugary dough and string together a jolly row of reindeer. They’ve all got a name, so see if you can remember them as you decorate your little reindeers to your favourite festive tunes. Add yummy royal icing or thick chocolate frosting, and finish with a flurry of sprinkles. Then watch them dance, dash and prance through the air into wide open mouths singing “Deck the Halls…nnommmph!”

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