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Martini Cocktail Glass Cookie Cutter

$4.95 AUD

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Martini Cocktail Glass Cookie Cutter

Size: 9.5cm tall x 7cm wide with a cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Shaken, stirred - and then mixed with flour and lovingly baked. This Martini cocktail glass cookie cutter will whip up a delicious Happy Hour treat for guests of all ages. Chic and fashionable, serve your Martini shaped cookies and cakes with a splash of gossip and drop of glamour. Ice the rim with cinnamon sprinkles, sour sherbet or colourful, crystal sugar. Make open sandwiches and stylish canapés topped with olives, cheeses and hams. You can even use the cookie cutter to create party invitations and serve Martini shaped, jelly desserts – adding a dash of alcohol is optional, of course!

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