Mermaid Cookie Cutter

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Mermaid Cookie Cutter

Size: 8cm wide x 16.5cm tall

Material: Stainless Steel

Made of thick, durable stainless steel this cookie cutter won't ever rust.  There isn't a rolled edge so it can cut shapes out of the dough either way and can also be used for fruit, cheese, clay and other craft projects.

Cutter depth 1.8cm

Do you hear the siren's call? That beautiful melody floating across the waves to the ears of the sailors.  This oh so beguiling mermaid is sitting atop the rocks and singing her beautiful song.  This is the perfect shape mermaid cookie cutter to sit as a centerpiece of your mermaid cake.  Build her a rock to sit upon and decorate her tail in blues and purples, making sure to highlight her scales with extra shimmery dust.  Make her some hair from fondant that flows to the rocks.  Beautiful!

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