Round Christmas Ornament Cookie Cutter 9cm

Round Christmas Ornament Cookie Cutter

Size: 9cm tall x 6.3cm wide with cutting depth of 2.3cm

Material: Tin Plate

It’s that time of the year again! Candles gleaming, presents sparkling and a full oven wafting sweet scents to all who pass by. Our Christmas ornament cookie cutter is extra-large so you can have even more festive fun decorating your baked treats together. Shape yummy gingerbread or flavour dough with a festive splash of rum and brandy. Pipe a design then add sanding sugar, scrumptious buttercream iced dollops and lustre spray for a sparkling finish. You can even add crumbles of peppermint candy or pop little bits of boiled sweets through your dough before baking for a magical, stained glass finish.

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