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Seashell Cookie Cutter Mini 3cm

$3.95 AUD

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Seashell Cookie Cutter Mini 3cm

Size: 2.5cm tall x 3cm wide with cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

She sells sea shells on the sea shore! That might a tongue twister but you don’t need to get your baking all twisted up as well! Just bake some pretty little seashell cookies instead with our easy to use mini cookie cutter. Decorated them all in different coloured icing for some rainbow treats that everyone’ll dig. They’re perfect for serving at pool parties, under the sea birthdays, barbeques or just for making some pretty snack to munch beside the shore. Nestle on top of sandy biscuit crumble cupcakes or bury marzipan cut-outs along scrumptious cakes and desserts.

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