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Square Cookie Cutter Set Smooth and Corrugated 6 Pieces 4-9cm

$54.95 AUD

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Set of 6 Square Crinkled and Smooth Cookie Cutters

Usable on both sides smooth and corrugated

Size: 4.5 cm wide x 4.5 cm high 

         5.3 cm wide x 5.3 cm high

         6 cm wide x 6 cm high

         7 cm wide x 7 cm high

         8 cm wide x 8 cm high

         9 cm wide x 9 cm high 


Material: Stainless Steel

Professional quality, made in Germany

Each cutter in this set is a 2 way cutter. One side is crinkled and the other is smooth making it the ideal set to complete a variety of different shapes for cookies, pastry, scones and more.