Tea Bag 7.5cm Cookie Cutter

Tea Bag Cookie Cutter

Size: 7.5cm tall x 5cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Next time you have people over for tea, surprise them with some scrumptious cookies with a twist. Use our tea bag shaped cookie cutter and make some tasty treats to match your favourite flavour! Serve fruity teas with apple oatmeal cookies and green tea with lemon-zest biscuits. You can even have a go at whipping up some Earl Grey tea shortbread cookies. For an extra sweet treat, use our rectangle cookie cutter to make perfect little indents into your tea bags so that they can be served balanced on the rim of your tea cup.

Made of thick, durable stainless steel this cookie cutter won't ever rust.  There isn't a rolled edge so it can cut shapes out of the dough either way and can also be used for fruit, cheese, clay and other craft projects.

Cutter depth 1.8cm

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