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Teacup Cookie Cutter

$4.95 AUD

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Teacup Cookie Cutter

Size: 8.5cm wide x 6.4cm high

Material: Stainless Steel

The perfect brew just isn’t complete without a tasty treat to dunk, dip and melt. Use our cookie cutter to make cute, vintage-inspired teacup cookies that will impress like fine china. Whatever type of tea you like, we guarantee there’s a cookie to match! Serve fruity teas with apple oatmeal cookies and green tea with lemon-zest biscuits. If you prefer hot chocolate in your teacup, smother your cookies and biscuits with chocolate spread and peanut butter mess. 

If you’re hosting a tea party, make sure to include our milk jug and sugar bowl shaped cookies for your guests to munch on.

Cutter Depth: 2cm

Designed in Australia.

Made in China using Australian Stainless Steel. 

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