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Transport Cookie Cutter Set 7 Pieces 3.5cm - 6.5cm

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Transport Cookie Cutter Set 7 Pieces

Included in the set is:

  • Plane 6.5cm tall x 5.5cm wide
  • Car (Porsche Style) 8cm wide x 3.5cm tall
  • Car (Beetle Style) 5cm wide x 4.5cm tall
  • Motorcycle 7.5cm wide x 4.5cm tall
  • Helicopter 8cm wide x 5.5cm tall
  • Truck 7.5cm wide x 3.5cm tall
  • Sailboat 6.5cm tall x 5.5cm wide

Material: Tin Plate

What’s your preferred mode of transport, because we bet it’s here in our transport cookie cutter set! From planes, trains and automobiles, you can hitch a ride and get to wherever it is you need to be! Whether it’s car-themed parties, treating little aviators or rocking the waves with a sailing enthusiast, the journey will be sugary smooth thanks to our awesome transport set. And we bet it’ll be a round trip because everyone’ll want to return soon for more of your treats! Just choose your favourite shape or mix and match.  They’ll all park perfectly at the end of the day in their neat storage tin.