Using Plain Cookie Cutters To Create Embossed Cookies

Posted on December 11, 2016 by Lisa Moulden | 0 Comments

Looking for a little inspiration? Want to create something a little bit different with the cookie cutters you already have in your collection?  Think outside the box a little and use your cutters to emboss their shapes into larger cookies!  You can either hand cut out some simple rectangles or squares for a more rustic look and then emboss your choice of cutter inside the cutout, like our little deer below.

Emboss some cookie dough with a cute little deer cookie cutter.

Or you can cut out the larger shape and emboss the smaller shape inside as we have done with our six pointed stars and also our crinkled rectangle and 5cm deer cookie cutter, below.

Gingerbread spiced butter cookies. simple embossed cookies.Gingerbread spiced deer butter cookie.

We would love to see photos of your cookie cutter creations.

Spiced gingerbread butter cookies.  Cookie cutter shop.

Spiced gingerbread butter cookie stars.

Gingerbread spiced deer butter cookies.  Cookie Cutter Shop.

Happy baking!

Lisa x



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