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Spider Cookie Cutter Mini 4cm

$2.95 AUD

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Mini Spider Cookie Cutter Mini

Size: 4cm long

Material: Stainless Steel

This little fella really is one insy winsy spider. With our mini cookie cutter, everyone will want to let your little spiders nestle on their fingertips. Smother your creepy crawly treats in icing or chocolate spread and sprinkles. They'll be the perfect size for sticking on some white spider web cookies! You can even craft little fondant decorations and nestle them on cakes covered in sticky, sugary webs. Whether it's for little Halloween ghouls or a special insect lover, your spider cookies will go down a scream.

Perfect for making bite sized biscuits or making Mini spiders to decorate larger biscuits or cup cakes. Can even be used to cut out Fondant shapes for halloween or scary themed cakes. Durable Stainless Steel construction makes this cutter dishwasher safe.