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Daisy Cookie Cutter and Embosser

$10.95 AUD

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Daisy Cookie Cutter and Embosser

Size: 6cm Diameter

This cutter is an exclusive Cookie Cutter Shop cutter made using the latest 3D printer technology in Australia. Made using biodegradable food safe PLA plastic.

Care instructions: This cookie cutter needs to be hand washed only in warm water. NOT dishwasher safe. 

Daisies are one of the most beautiful and easy to grown flowers.  The variety of different coloured daisies is amazing! How easy is this cutter to use to make a beautiful daisy. You can make a whole bunch of flowers for your loved one using this cutter alone!  From 1 Daisy to 40 Daisies, and you wouldn't have to do a single daisy the same colour.