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Create the Spookiest Halloween Cookies with Our Collection of Cookie Cutters

We provide Australian’s fun and scary Halloween cookie cutters. Bake spooky shapes and pop them in the bags for trick-or-treaters.

There is no denying it, Halloween is fast picking up in Australia, and whilst it doesn’t quite carry the same grandeur as it does in the U.S., it is becoming an increasingly popular tradition in our own backyard, especially as a fun occasion in the lead up to summer and the festive season.

Australian’s are loving getting together around Halloween, either for a costume party, or to take their kids out trick-or-treating. And of course, kids love nothing more than to dress up in their favourite Batman or Fairy costume to hit the streets in search of delicious treats.

Mix up the treat selection with delicious Halloween cookies

With this surge of enjoyment in this age-old tradition, why not go one further than the standard pre-wrapped, mass-produced chocolates and make some truly tasty Halloween-themed cookies? We have a wonderful collection of spooky cutter designs for all things Halloween.

Flying bats, scary cats, mixing cauldrons, and frightening ghosts, we have a collection of spooky cookie cutters that will excite the trick-or-treaters and be absolutely delicious at the same time. Why not make a chop chip haunted castle? Or take a chilling twist on the classic gingerbread man by making him a skeleton gingerbread man.

Grab some of our cauldron cutters and bake delicious chocolate cookies before dotting orange Smarties around the top to create fire.

The wonderfully terrifying array of unique biscuits you can bake for this occasion is endless. Get creative, make a spooky twist on the classics.

View our collection of recipes to get ideas for your blood-curdling cookies

If you like, take a look at our collection of recipes for the most delicious sweets to serve to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. We are always happy to receive more recipe ideas so if you have any nerve-racking recipes for this time of the year, feel free to send them on through to info@cookiecuttershop.com.au

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