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Heart Set of 10 Cookie Cutters 3-11cm

$18.95 AUD

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Heart Set of 10 Cookie Cutters

Size: 2.7cm high x 2.7cm wide

         3.8cm high x 3.5cm wide

         4.6cm high x 4.5cm wide

         5.5cm high x 5.5cm wide

         6.6cm high x  6.3cm wide

         7.5cm high x 7cm wide

         8.5cm high x 8cm wide

         9.5cm high x 9cm wide

         10.3cm high x 9.9cm wide

         11.2cm high x 10.7cm wide

Cutter depth: 2.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Bakers, eat your heart out! Our heart cookie cutter set is the perfect match for those looking to make some of the sweetest treats around. And there are a whopping ten different sized cookie cutters, depending on how loving you’re feeling! So make as many loved up treats as you need or until their heart’s content! They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day or if you just want to sweeten up somebody’s day. Decorate with handfuls of sprinkles and sugar crystals then pop on top of pretty little cupcakes, larger cookies or yummy cakes and desserts for a romantic finish.

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