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Moustache Cookie Cutter 10.5 cm

$5.95 AUD

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 Moustache Cookie Cutter

Size: 10.5cm wide x 4cm high

 Material: Stainless Steel

‘Tashes are in, just in case you missed the memo. Whether it’s that hair-stastic time of the month again (Movember) or you’re just a trendy bro, you can enjoy a bushy, finely groomed moustache any day of the year. Decorate your cookies and biscuits with different colours to match your hair, from chocolate spread and sprinkles, to orange peel zest and yellow, honeycomb crumbles. When you’re finished, pop your quirky creations on a stick to make fun, cookie lollipops and moustache masks.

Cutter depth: 2cm