Not Just For Cookies: 10 Ways To Use Your Cutters

Posted on July 24, 2017 by Lisa Moulden | 0 Comments

One of a cookie makers’ most important tools is their cutter. There are thousands of different shapes and sizes that let you create unique and fun-shaped treats. You may be surprised to find out that the simple cookie cutter can be used for a whole variety of other purposes. Here are some of these unique and quirky ways that you can get more use out of your cutters.


If you have deep cookie cutters then you can use them as moulds to create some fun-shaped candles. Simply melt down some wax and pour it into the cutter mould, being sure to seal the bottom so it doesn’t leak. Add a piece of string for the wick and you’ll have a quirky new candle to light up the room.


Another way to use cookie cutters as moulds is by using clay or resin to create personalised ornaments or gift tags. Some holiday-themed cutters would be perfect for making Christmas tree decorations.

Pumpkin carving

Halloween fans can use their cutters to help make their jack-o'-lanterns. Instead of trying to use a knife, press your cutter of choice into the pumpkin to make different shaped eyes.

Ice lollies

Create some fun and refreshing treats by using your cookie cutters as moulds for ice lollies. 

Picture toast

For a fun breakfast you can gently press your cookie cutters into bread before you toast it. Once the bread has browned off, you'll be left with picture toast.

Fruit shapes

Cut fruit such as melon and apple into different shapes with your cutters. This can add a more exciting element to fruit salads.


If you like to make cupcakes then try using mini cutters to make cute cupcake toppers from fondant or even top your cupcakes with mini cookies.

Fried egg

Make the perfect fried egg by putting your metal cutter in the frying pan and pouring the egg into it. This will put a fun twist on your breakfast. 

Bird feeder

Nature lovers, use your cookie cutters to make your garden more wildlife-friendly. Use a healthy portion of bird seed mixed with gelatine to create different shaped bird feeders.


Get creative by cutting a slit into your metal cookie cutters to make bracelets. Smooth off the edges and stretch them into shape to create unique fashion accessories.

For a bit more inspiration check out our blog on how to turn cookies into a homemade gift they'll love.

 Ornaments made from Cookie Cutters



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