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Dog Bone Hard Candy Mould 4.5cm

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Dog Bone Hard Candy Mould

Can be used for chocolate, cookie dough, carob and hard candy melts.

Spoil your pup with a sweet dog friendly treat.  Partially melt carob chips on a low heat, add some peanut butter continue to heat gently until melted completely.  Pour into mould, wait to set and pop out these yummy treats.  Remember no sugar or other additives in your carob & peanut butter.

We used x12 carob nibs ( no added sugar) and a tablespoon of pure peanut butter ( No preservatives, sugar or other additives) to fill all cavities in the mould.  You can also add some finely grated carrot to add to an Easter theme treat.

  • Size of each done bone mould is 4.5 cm wide x 2.5cm wide
  • 17 cavities per mould 
  • Suitable for hard candy and cookie making as well as a chocolate mould
  • Oven safe to 190ºC
  • Wash in hot water. Avoid using soap on any mould, it will reduce the shine appearance of the finished product. Moulds may be used many times
  • Food quality plastic mould.

Made in USA