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Baking is one of life’s sweetest little pleasures. We here at the Cookie Cutter Shop believe that the process of mixing a delicious batch of fresh-baked biscuits is a joyful and relaxing experience.

Obviously, we love all things cookie and biscuit-related. The smell of a fresh baked batch of choc-chip peanut butter cookies warms our souls and brightens our days. Therefore, we want to share some of the wonderful recipes we have come across with our loving customers. We have specially-selected a list of absolutely mouth-watering baked delights from a variety of sources, trialed and tested by our team, and perfect for baking at home.

Spiced Vanilla Cookies by Donna Hay

Classic Shortbread Recipe for Cookie Cutters

Shortbread Biscuit Recipe Perfect for Cookie Cutters

Jam Cookie Sandwiches by Donna Hay

Here are some recipes from our very generous and lovely customers for you:

Peanut Butter Cookies by Jocelyn

Vanilla Cookie Recipe from Rhonda

 Need some help with using our cookie cutters with gorgeous embossing details or those little tiny cutters?  Check out our tips and tricks to make using these cutters a breeze!

Links to other's awesome recipes on their sites:

LilaLoa's Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

LilaLoa's Chocolate Cookie Recipe


Great for the family or friends

The list we have concocted, and continue to add to, are perfect for a range of special occasions, or even just that Sunday hangout with friends. Looking to bake the perfect Christmas shortbread during the festive period? Try the Class Shortbread Recipe with our gorgeous collection of festive Christmas cutters, coming in shapes like bells, stockings, reindeer, and angels.

Having a morning tea with old friends and want something fun to bake whilst impressing your mates with delicious cookies? Try Donna Hay’s absolutely delightful Jam Cookie Sandwiches. Or if you and your friends are all confessed peanut butter lovers, we swear by the Peanut Butter Cookie recipe from Jocelyn.

Of course, you can use the Cookie Cutter Shop’s extensive range of cookie cutter shapes to bake any of the below recipes. If its dinosaurs for the kids, spooky ghosts for trick-or-treaters, bunnies for Easter, you will find the perfect shape for whatever event or preference you have.

Send us through your ideas

Have your own special recipe that you would love the share with us? Perfect! We’re always wanting to try out new recipes ourselves and would love to share them on our page, just email with your special recipe and we would love to share it on our page.

Send them on through, fellow bakers.

Below are links to some of our favourite cookie recipes, ones we have tried and tested ourselves.  These recipes are all cookie cutter friendly recipes.  

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