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Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Stamper with Ejector

$2.95 AUD

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Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Stamper with Ejector

Size: 5cm tall x 4cm wide with a cutting depth of 1cm

Material: Plastic

This cookie cutter cuts out the dough and then press the plunger down to emboss the details onto your cookie or fondant icing.

Fun and easy to use with cookie dough and fondant.  Great for Kids

The kids will love this Stegosaurus easy-to-use stamper and ejector cookie cutter.  It makes cookie baking and decorating so easy! Use the cutter to cut out your Stegosaurus and then stamp it to give you his tough armored spikes and other finer details.  Make him look as tough as you can, using some fancy sprinkles to enhance the large triangular plates along his back, making sure not to forget his spiked tail that he is renowned for. Let this tough little fellow smash his way into your dinosaur themed party.