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Get Prehistoric with Our Collection of Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Do you have some kids who absolutely love all things dinosaur? Or do you know someone with a lasting love for the legendary Jurassic Park? Then why not bake them some delicious cookies shaped like everyone’s favourite prehistoric predators (and the herbivores!).

Because, let’s be honest, everyone has an intrigue for our ancient animals, and why not have a bit of fun with them by baking shapes of various dinosaurs with the colours to match.

Dinosaur cookie cutters are perfect for kid’s birthday parties: the kids will love the various shapes of dinosaurs and will also be able to learn a thing or two about the different species that existed long before our time!

Ideas for these awesome cookie cutters

We have a wonderful collection of everyone’s favourite dinosaurs available for purchase at our online store. Why not try these awesome ideas for your dinosaur shaped cookie cutters:

Terrifying T-Rex – Bake some delicious, top of the food chain treats with our terrifying t-rex cutters. Coat your cookies in green icing and add some orange chocolates across the back to make delicious t-rex biscuits for the kids.

Veracious Velociraptors – Like the t-rex coat your delicious velociraptors in orange icing and then paint on some red spikes. The kids will love the vibrant fun of this once sneaky little carnivore.

Slacking Stegosaurus – Make some super-cute biscuits out of this much-loved prehistoric creature. Add some icing and paint some spikes and you have yourself one of the cutest baked goods available this side of the Jurassic era.

Need some recipe ideas? Take a look at our collection

If you need some awesome recipe suggestions for what to make with our collection of dinosaur cookie cutters, please feel free to browse our collection here. Also, if you would like to have your dinosaur cookie recipe featured on our page, send through your suggestions at

We love trying out new suggestions, and if you have some tasty triceratops’s you would like to have featured on our page, don’t hesitate to send through your suggestion.